Meme Generator App

Meme Generator App
Meme Generator App

ZomboDroid Meme Generator app can be considered as one of the best meme generatable apps in the market at present. Its features can astonish you with just a few seconds. If your main concern is to create a fine meme within a few seconds, this will be the right choice for you indeed. 

When it comes to the primary features, you will be impressed just to know that this app is consisted of over 1000 templates that can be used as the structure.

There are two versions for the users that can be used. If you are a beginner it will be convenient to use the ad-free version. Even if you are a person who needs to work on thoughts, ad-free, the paid version will be the one to use. 

Like other features, you will find the ability to create your memes, decent search options, various categories, and more. The more you love this app the more you will like it. If you have a hidden creative meme designer, this app will be a lot to you.  One of the most important things regarding this app is compatible with all mobile phones. Though there are some errors with some apps, this app has been introduced in several versions. That has minimized the bug errors. 

More About the App

✓ Meme Generator is supported by both iOS and Android platforms.

✓ It consists of a single file of less than 70 mb to be downloaded. 

✓ It has passed 10,000,000 downloads and earned 4.7-star ratings on Android platforms which means a cool value for a meme generating app.

✓ The app has been updated with the latest version of v4.5951 released on December 8, 2020.

✓ It requires Android version 5.0 or beyond that.

✓ The age limit is required as 16+ to get the content of the app.

✓ If you have a look at the permissions required by the app, you will realize that the Meme Generator app does, the task for too many requirements as well. You might have noticed that there are apps that require even GPS permission unnecessarily. The permissions it requires are access to the media, Wi-Fi, and storage only.

✓ There are more other permissions like receive data from the Internet, view network connections, full network access, run at startup, and prevent the device from sleeping. The more you work on the app the more you will realize that Meme Generator is the best app that can save your data from thefts.

✓ One of the things you need to know of the app before the download is the reviews that a particular app has been able to collect from the users and its rating. As was mentioned earlier, a 4.7/5 rating has been collected by the Meme Generator app. That value has been counted from a total volume of 355,000+ reviews. Most of the users have left positive feedback stating the positives of this amazing app. The review and feedback process has been a great experience as the developer takes and processes the feedback of the customers. All those things together have made this app a better one in the field.

What’s New on v4.5807

This app is updated with frequent meme templates that can be applied to the latest memes you are going to design. However, this app is frequently renewed with the features as well. There are several versions of the Meme Generator and every version has been replaced by the later version with something special. The v4.5807 of Meme Generator is the latest version of the app and it has got something new as well.

New stickers are not always coming with an update as they can be used with the updated packages. The latest version has got a stock of stickers that can be used for your posts.

They have been included with a variety and it can be believed that there will be a vast range of stickers for your taste. Memes are being updated once they create a pack and you have got a decent pack of memes that can be used to create your memes.

There are the latest memes in the updates.  Queen Elizabeth On A Billboard is one of the memes in the updates that can be used to create the memes of your own. Behold! The One Commandment is such a meme in the updates. This is such a meme that is useful in creating several memes.

There are other updated meme templates like Behold… My Stuff, PTSD Chihuahua, just Like The Simulations, and Glowing Man. You need to remember that these updates are just from the latest update and you will find many meme templates once you download the app. 

Main Features

This app is a revolutionized app with the features that have been introduced by the ZomboDroid.  Even though you have been working with such similar apps, the features provided by the developers are unique. Here are the topmost appreciated features of this app.

1000+ meme templates in high quality

It is not a strange thing to know of a meme app to have templates. But, the Meme generator has got a huge amount of templates. There are more than 1000 templates that can be used either as a beginning or add a few words and create your meme.  All these templates are given with the captions and it will not take much time to create a meme.

Many meme categories for your taste

No matter what kind of taste you have got, that particular thing has been identified by this and included in several categories.  It is easy to find the category you want and have access to your favorite memes.

Add your pictures

Even though have you have got plenty of meme templates that can be used for creating new memes, you will feel bored if you can’t add your pictures. The meme generator has provided that feature, unlike other apps. You have the freedom to create your memes.

Share it with friends

No matter how many friends you have on several platforms, the app consists of a sharing option in a wide range. After designing the meme you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, email, and more. This will be convenient for you as it saves lots of time.

Many Adjustments

There are lots of adjustments that can be applied for the meme you are going to create. So, you can even change the color of the font, size of the image, and many more. Therefore you will be able to turn the meme into the meme as same as your mind had.

Breaking NEWS memes!

One of the astonishing memes this app has is the ability to create breaking News memes that can add a variety to your memes. It will be a surprise for your audience as well.

Combine all memes

This is another thing from this particular app. You can select several individual memes you have created and create as one meme.

Borders for memes

This is not one specified thing for a meme app. But, it’s a nice thing to know that you’ve got the freedom to add many changes to the meme you are going to create. A wide range of borders and frames are waiting for your meme!

No watermarks

This is a must-have thing for an app like meme generator as most of these kinds of apps are producing memes along with a watermark. This feature will be able to release a headache for some far.

Your privacy is their priority

It is not a secret that there apps capable of stealing your data. The developers have insisted that there is not any capability for thefts. They have got secured servers and your tools and data are secured ion them.

50+ Fonts

If you are a graphic designer or a person of interest, you might know that fonts can beautify graphics. There are more than 50 fonts in this app that can be used for different purposes. Every font is a unique one and you can have different types of effects on the memes you create.

How to Install the Meme Generator on the smart device

It is not a paid app that requires a sum to be installed. So, you just have to get to the web store as your smartphone brand suggests and install the app. When searching the app, you have to take care to find the genuine Meme generator app for your device.  Meme Generator app has been developed by ZomboDroid and it is categorized under the Entertainment category. There are several apps similar to this name and it is a must you go under Zombodroid.


Is it for free?

Yes, it is for free. You just have to download the app from the platform you want and get the full use of it. You don’t have to pay any sum to get the features. The thing you need to know about this app is, it contains Ads that sponsor the developer. However, you don’t have to bother about being disturbed for your work in the app.

How can I customize my meme?

There are lots of ways you can customize your meme.  First, you have to download the app and then enable the drag/move tick. Then you can move your meme and make the changes.  There is an option when you want to add texts as well. If you are not familiar with the apps like this, this will be a quite better beginning for you.

Also, you can customize your texts and other stuff too. Rotating and other options are also available for you.

Is this app only for Meme Generating?

Of course not. Though it is called the meme generator, you have the freedom to use this app for different purposes as well. For example, you can create posters, banners, flyers, and many things with this app. All you have to do is just change the steps. There is nothing you need to worry about learning to do so as it’s up to you selecting those steps if it is going to be a poster, banner, or a leaflet.

Does Meme Generator have meme templates?

Yes. You have plenty of memes that can be used as the template for your memes. There are about 1000+ meme templates for you. They launch newer versions and you just can update your template library from those updates. They released their latest version, v4.5951 and there are few meme updates as well. Also, you need to know that stickers are also available for you to be used for the memes you create.

Is my privacy secured?

Indeed. Your memes are not being shared or uploaded into the servers without your permission.  Either you have to share memes or upload them to be exposed to third parties. Also, you can check the permissions needed for the app at any time. Then you will see the app is requiring the permissions as it is needed.

Is there a favorite option?

Yes. You can select the best memes you have created and have access to them in a short time. All you have to do is to just locate the meme and mark it as favorite.  You can create a list of favorite memes as well.

Can I crop images and add them to the memes?

Yes. That is such a specialty of this app as you have the freedom and the permission to crop images from your storage and add to the memes. So, you can create different memes of your own. Another thing you should remember is that this feature lets you create your trends in the meme culture. If a meme you have created goes viral and others follow, you will be the one who rules. Who knows?

What is the Minimum android version for this app?

If you are using an Android version Lollipop or higher than that, you will be able to use it for this app. usually, most of the smartphones in the world do so. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the platform. Even if you have a smartphone below the Android version, you will have to update the android version for that phone.


Meme Generator app is the best app in the field when comparing with other similar apps. Many positives have been improved with updates. Several meme templates and stickers have been added for the libraries and they are the assets you have for your needs. Though this app has been named as a meme generating app, it can be used for several purposes as well. The servers dedicated to the app are secured and you don’t need to worry about them as well. The only thing for the app developer is the Ads. But, you don’t have to worry about that as it won’t disturb you while you are at work.