Meme Generator App Version History

App Version History Log

WHAT’S NEW v4.5951

– Integration with TENORs GIF database

– A lot of new stickers!

– New memes:

✓ I Wish I Was At Home / They Don’t Know I’m

✓ My Parents at Age 29

✓ Thank You For Changing My Life

✓ It Is Acceptable Vader

✓ Sarcastically Surprised Kirk

WHAT’S NEW v4.5892

– Random memes tab added!

– Fixed a bug with rounded corners on the High quality setting

– New memes:

✓ Surprised Scarlett Johansson

✓ Emergency Meeting

✓ F You and I’ll See You Tomorrow

✓ Woman Showing Papers to Grey Cat

✓ Robotnik Pressing Red Button

✓ Monkey Receiving an Orange